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2TouchPOS™ has an easy-to-use software solution so you can manage tabs like a pro.

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Tabs are a great way to keep communication efficient.  Are you interested in...

  • Starting a tab with your customer's credit card, then handing it back?
  • Customizing how you start tabs based on the station & accessing them from any station?
  • Being able to tell at a glance what tabs are open and if there are any declines?
  • Transferring tabs to tables with ease?
  • Having fewer credit card transactions, saving you money on transaction fees?

If so, we are here to help.  We can guide you through maximizing tab management.


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Here's how you do it:

  1. Complete the Tab Management Self-Evaluation
  2. Enroll & Customize Your System
  3. Improve Your Process & Make More Money


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Leverage tab management and improve internal communication.

We know you want to run efficiently.  In order to do that, you need simple yet versatile point of sale system to streamline communication about your bar and dining room orders.  The problem is, some systems make communication clunky and complicated, which is frustrating.  We believe it's just plain wrong to feel that way when there's a simple software solution available.  We understand that better communication increases transaction value and makes you more money, which is why we have made tab management a primary focus of our software since inception.  Stop wasting time and instead improve communication, leading to higher transaction values and more money.


Are you making costly mistakes that could effect your business?

We have created an e-paper that describes some mistakes you might be making with your POS configuration that could be costing you. A few simple adjustments could improve your ROI. Get your informational e-paper to identify simple changes you can make right away!



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