Transition from service at tables to service over the phone with ease.

2TouchPOS™ has an easy-to-use software solution that will have you managing phone orders like a pro.

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Running a restaurant these days is challenging.  Are you worried about...

  • Not generating the revenues you used to?
  • Taking phone orders on dupe tickets?
  • Your staff walking orders to the kitchen and/or calling them out?
  • Wasting time because you don't have a good way to process phone orders?
  • Asking your customers to call back to place future orders?

We know change is hard.  We are here to help you survive the transition.


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Just because things are different, doesn't mean you can't be profitable.

Running a restaurant in 2020 is as challenging as it gets.  Your dining room isn't generating the revenues it used to and that can be scary.  Your establishment was designed to service customers at tables and with tabs.  It's a struggle to get it right when taking orders over the phone isn't what you planned to do.  At 2TouchPOS, we believe it shouldn't be hard to make the shift to taking phone orders for curbside and delivery, which is why we have developed an integrated module to handle the details efficiently for you.  Stop worrying about losing orders and instead enjoy growing sales and happy customers.


Some changes from the pandemic may be here to stay. And... may boost your business. 

We have created an e-paper that reviews the finer points of the benefits you can use to boost your business. Click below to get your copy! 


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