Implementing online ordering is painless and easy.

2TouchPOS™ has a simple solution to help you keep more profit from online orders.

Painless Software Solution - No 3rd Party Commissions - Get More Money 


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If your customers are getting a busy signal, you're losing orders.  Does this sound familiar...

  • Your phone is constantly ringing for to-go orders.
  • Your staff is taking orders that lack detail.
  • Customers are missing items. Trusting staff to get it right has always been a problem.
  • Staff lacks enthusiasm taking orders over the phone.
  • Third party order delivery and pick up services are crushing your margin.

We get it.  You need a better way to process orders.


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Here's how you do it:

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  2. We Do the Setup Work, You Take the Orders
  3. Get More Money


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 Get Started!


Your plate is full and that is overwhelming...

At 2TouchPOS, we know that you need a break from the barrage of phone orders you're receiving.  In order to do that, you need to free up your staff.  The problem is, your customers are getting angry and you're working harder for less profit, which makes you feel overwhelmed.  We believe this shouldn't be a struggle when there's a simple solution.  We understand managing phone orders can be complicated which is why we have a simple online ordering offering.  Stop the busy signals and harried staff and instead increase orders while improving staff and customer satisfaction.


See for yourself just how easy it is! Click the image below for a live demo! 


Some changes from the pandemic may be here to stay. And... may boost your business. 

We have created an e-paper that reviews the finer points of the benefits you can use to boost your business. Click below to get your copy! 

Looking for ways to grow profits? Use this self evaluation to learn what online ordering could mean for you. 


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