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Don't let future orders cause chaos in your kitchen.

2TouchPOS™ has a software solution that allows you to manage your future orders.

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Don't let future orders get lost and cause chaos in your kitchen.  Are you faced with...

  • Uncertainty in how to manage orders placed for future times and/or dates?

  • Endless papers and sticky notes because you don't have a way to handle these orders in your point of sale?

  • Drama caused by poor handwriting, lost orders or orders not making it to the kitchen on-time?

  • Your employees and customers losing confidence due to the above?

We know managing paper is inefficient.  We are here to help you implement a better solution.


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Here's how you do it:

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  3. Get More Money


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Your business was forced to change.  Managing future orders effectively is vital to your success.

At 2TouchPOS, we know you want to efficiently process future orders and keep your kitchen well-organized.  Writing tickets down by hand, and then trying to keep track of the paper trail is not what you signed up for.  We can help!  We've been doing future orders for over a decade and know what it takes to keep you and your kitchen happy.


Some changes from the pandemic may be here to stay. And... may boost your business. 

We have created an e-paper that reviews the finer points of the benefits you can use to boost your business. Click below to get your copy! 


Think you can effectively handle future orders?  See if you do by taking this self-evaluation!


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We're here for you.  Let us know what we can do to help.


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