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You're covering tax at the bar to save transaction time.  But have you considered...

  • You're losing thousands of dollars covering tax on credit card transactions

  • Continuing to choose speed over profit is no longer a good decision in today's business landscape

  • Now, more than ever, you need every penny you've earned

We believe there is no reason for you to choose between lightning fast transactions and getting all of your money.



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You don't need to choose between speed and profit.  (Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too.)

We know that you want to maximize your numbers and complete transactions quickly and efficiently.  Enter the Cash Tax Discount - a 2TouchPOS feature that allows you to have your cake and eat it, too!  The problem is you want a fast transaction time but you also want to earn every penny you can.  This makes you anxious because you're not fast enough and you feel you're being judged by your competition.  We believe there is no reason you should choose between lightning fast transactions and getting all of your money.  We agree that nobody likes to pay extra just to be fast, which is why we have perfected a way to help you optimize your transactions.  Stop offering discounts on credit card transactions and reap the value other 2TouchPOS customers are enjoying.


Need more details about how the cash tax discount works?  

We have created an e-paper that describes the advantages of setting up this automation.  Sign up to learn more! Click below. 

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